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What is it About?

What if I told you that what you are about to read may break most of the fantasies you ever believed in? And yet, there is good news: you can achieve your goals anyway. It’s just that you will see things as they really are and it may be a bit disorienting at first.

Let’s be real, if you are here, you are probably in one or more of the following situations:

1-You want to make money without having to leave your home (or not too much)
2-You are searching for a way to make a lot of money because you want to be financially free or rich
3-You are looking for a passive income, making money by working less than “something” hours/week or without doing much but waiting to cash in all them sweet dollars, live your life with a lot of free time to maybe or maybe not enjoy time with your family and loved ones
4-You want to avoid physical jobs as you feel you would prefer something from the comfort of your house or less physical
5-You feel that you would be more skilled for something using long-distance devices or tech tools (computers, phones)
6-You want to launch or already have your own business
7-You want to own things and by that, I mean a lot of things: cars, houses, the latest consoles, powerful computers (imagine all you can do with that RTX 4090 lol), the latest iphone paid cash without any financing plan or one you sure won’t be starving yourself from life to repay 
8-And I almost forgot: impress your friends, your mom and dad, and anyone else that lays an eye on you. Because you are not anyone, you are just a hidden talent still in development right?

As I said earlier, the good news is that all of that is possible. Yes, you read that right. Every single one of the above is possible. But what is that brutal truth I haven’t said yet? My mother involuntarily taught it to me quite young.

Quick backstory

My mother is a stubborn and naive person (one of the worst combos I know). She started a business with quite a lot of money. She offered great service. The problem was that there were not enough customers and still employees to pay. When she explained it to me (I was a kid), I told her that I thought it wasn’t sustainable. I did not know anything about businesses or money, I just knew that it sounded awful. Instead of accepting critics and finding strategies to acquire more customers (who thought marketing was important huh?), she just buried her head underground and violently rejected all critics promptly telling me to “get the fuck out”. She knew better than her customers themselves what would make them come. Everything was good for her, she just had to wait and they would come rolling in, when the competition, who was there much earlier, making their customer loyal long before her, was thriving. Let’s say it quite didn’t work out until some point when she decided: “I gotta do something to attract customers”. Indeed she should have been doing something a long time ago. Who would have thought people wouldn’t go to a place they didn’t even know existed in the first place? Not my mother (apparently).

The Problem?

That’s exactly the same behavior people have nowadays when it comes to money but even worse. Instead of believing in their ideas and finding ways to thrive like my mom, they want to believe in someone and are ready to go into crusades for that someone. If you browse the internet enough, you’ve surely heard one of those sentences:

– “Start investing/trading today and gain financial freedom”,

– “I’ll link my special course on how to make millions down here and for you it’s only 4099 dollars and only for the next 24 hours”

– “Start investing into that crypto/ coin today because it will be worth 36000$ according to whatever crypto specialist”.

People only see the jackpot, their dreams, that is why they don’t do basic math when some crypto “billionaire” or some guy standing in front of a Lamborghini tells them shit. If I had a dollar every time I got into an argument with someone against some revolutionary method that would make him rich in one day/week/month, I would have no more than 5$, you know why? because no need to bother with them, they will lose 5,000$ and then 50,000$. They don’t learn anything.

A “Trading” specialist on Youtube in front of a Lamborghini claims his course will make you rich too, when people who studied finance and consistently study the market and are perfecting their trading method for years still suffer big losses sometimes. Why? Because the market doesn’t care about some guy on Youtube swearing bullshit to his viewers. It relies on the finances of a company, what people think about their products, why people buy, how much it costs to be produced, how the big heads of the company and the employees are working, and much more. Can I control it all? Can you? Can someone in front of a camera that looks half if not a quarter of the age of your father? But still, I heard so many times how someone had lost 10k , 20k, 50k because some financial advisor on Twitter told them something like “a dog under the moon” (dogecoin reference lol) or whatever the f*ck and they didn’t even think a second, analyzed the realities of the market and done basic math to determine “I am going to invest an amount I can afford to lose and my life won’t change or be affected by that” or “Ohh! that seems like a bunch of baloney. I better keep my money and try to find a more realistic way to become a millionaire” but no. They took their savings, their rent, their kids’ education savings, their mortgage payments money and flushed it down the toilet. And as surprising as it is, some of them will still get mad at you, if you say that their beloved, cherished, successful figure had deceived them. How ironic huh? Because someone in front of a camera with his Lamborghini and a big house behind him told them that he had the secret recipe to get rich and it’s only 4099$. “But the car?” you ask. Rented. The house? rented. All the people in the video? friends? Paid actors I guess… Believe it or not, when cameras go off, everyone claps hands for each other, maybe hugs each other, and then goes home. Where does their money come from if what they teach is fake? Remember someone gave them 4099$? And that a bunch of other people are now eager to give them 4099$? Exactly. I think it all adds up now. 4099$ many times can become 10k, 100k, 1 million or 10 millions. And it is used to create more content and feed the cycle, so more desperate people will give 4099$ again. Hey, ain’t that magical? no, it’s just basic math. But he doesn’t teach you that, right? Of course, he is rich not because he uses the things he teaches but because he use the people he teaches to. This is what most stock and crypto trading trainings are, dropshipping, quick ways to make money online, become rich fast, in one week or one month, fueled by and capitalizing on your dreams of freedom. And anything fueled by thousands/millions of people’s dreams can reach the moon, unlike that fucking dog. I bought dogecoin with an amount I could afford to lose and I don’t even remember that I lost money. 3 mcdonald meals money won’t kill me, right? That’s exactly how things should be unless you like the adrenalin of gambling with your life.

“Now why all that history?” you may ask. Because over our heads there is a fake sky, a painting, brought to us by some people who want to take advantage of our dreams either to drain us from our resources or to keep us miserable. That fake sky is the promise they make while selling you their fake “solution” to become rich. They keep pushing you to aim at the moon of the fake sky but you just end up hurting yourself against a flat object with beautiful drawings on it. Once you realize that, you can avoid hurting yourself against any fake sky and reach the stars of the true sky that lies behind the fake one, you won’t help them but yourself. Because you are not required to just aim at the moon, I am telling you, you can reach the stars if that is what you desire, and you won’t need any complicated method, you won’t need to create a website and sell anything or even show your face if you don’t feel like it. Too good to be true?

What am I offering you?

Straightforward, I am selling you my book (yes another book lol). Don’t go out running yet. This book goes straight to the point. No “mindset” changing step, no waking up early or running at 5 am. This is not a personal development book. This book tells you straight where the money is and how to get it.

What I am bringing is a way to reach financial freedom. Now before you get excited, I never said you would become a millionaire in one month or anything like that. You can become super rich depending on how much energy and means you put in, but the primary goal is to allow you to stop surviving and start living. Be able to shop, pay rent, go out, travel, and get the things you desire (car, house,…) while living comfortably and not worrying about next month’s bills. Now, it’s up to you if you want to make millions or even billions with it, but it sure won’t be easy.
-Have you ever thought about making a completely passive income? Please forget about it, it doesn’t exist. Now, I can offer you ways to make an 80~95% passive income at most and other ways where you have to put in more or less energy. So, you would have to put a minimum of energy into it with the easiest ones, and I mean it when I say “minimum”. But I never said it would be free, nor easy, nor even fast. Depending on which path you choose in the book, you may or may not have to spend money. Spoiler alert: I won’t tell you to buy crypto or to invest in whatever bullshit stock. I am better than that.

-If you plan on starting a business or already own one, this book is also filled with useful materials for you, essentials even. The part successful business owners never talk about, not because they want others to fail but because that is not what people want to hear. People just want to see the display of wealth rather than learn how wealth is created. People would rather take pictures with the sports cars rather than hear the life story of the owner.

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